The Keys to understanding this Male and Female aspect of any corpus of knowledge (Subject) and the Male and Female nature of any Object are to consider:

1.      The Feminine aspect naturally demands proof or evidence of the ramifications of a Subject or of an Object. The nature of this demand is in the form of calibration, examination, and for its parts to be notated and listed, proven and more. This is because the Feminine is linked to Earth, Formulation, Discipline, Tradition, Science, Matter, Moon and ‘Yin’ and looks to the mundane and the practical, and is a perfectly legitimate point of view.


2.      The Masculine aspect of the ramifications of a Subject or of an Object tends to be conceptual and therefore Revelation, Inspiration, Illumination,  Transcendence, Theory, and the wisdom of the ages (interior & exterior wisdom) brings into being, knowledge of the ‘bigger picture’ without the employment of scientific laboratories to ‘prove’ the topic under discussion. This is because the Masculine is linked to Heaven, Force, Metaphysics, ‘Energetics’, Sun and ‘Yang’ and in essence represent, and from which issue, the original plans of ‘All & Everything’, and is also a perfectly legitimate point of view.

These male and female energies or forces act as a thread that binds ‘All and Everything’ together in concert. That is: Every Object and every Subject in our living existence is controlled by this Male and Female Law and indeed is permeated by it.

This Law of two forces, male & female are inextricably linked, as they are, in the DNA chain, and as they are in Wave (Masculine) and in Particle (Feminine). Nothing can come into being without the interplay, warp & woof of these two energies, these two forces.

Most of us are unable to be objective, for whatever reason, sufficient to enable the essential perceiving of two seemingly opposed points of view, Masculine & Feminine as being two parts of a whole, and therefore complementary.

The topic of Alternative Medicine versus Orthodox Medicine for example may explain the statements above:

Trauma aside, which is usually dealt with admirably by scientifically based Orthodox Medicine, Orthodox Medicine’s ethos is such that it requires experimentation with substances, usually to allay or quash pathological symptoms presented by the patient, but also the cutting-out, or the cutting-off, of the offending part that belongs to the patient - that body part that happens to be bad, offensive, ailing and just a plain nuisance! Experimentation is usually performed in the scientific laboratory, whose aim is to find a way to eliminate an illness, post-haste, but also to name and notate it and to find a Substance to cure it.  In reality, it is a Substance that will merely get rid of the Symptoms of a pathological Condition – a cure does not really come into the equation, if it does, it is by default.

By understanding the Keys given above, it will be perceived by the reader of this article that Orthodox Medicine is a Feminine approach to the practice of Medicine, requiring absolute diagnosis of the ailment in question and the detailed ways in which it is to be eliminated.

With Alternative Medicine, the ethos is diametrically opposite to that of Orthodox Medicine as the ‘bigger picture’ is taken into consideration when accessing the pathological model the patient presents. The requirement is to question life-style and habits of the patient; their energetic presentation, i.e. body-language and the perceptions of the Practitioner as to the patient’s overall aura or light or non-light as the case may be, emanating or not emanating from them.

Most of us, therapist or no, can pick-up the Condition of a patient by this exudation or non-exudation of light and energy, which says so much to the Therapist.  The Therapist may now make deductions as to how treatment should be applied and as to the type of treatment plan to be implemented.

There are, of course, more specific ways of diagnosing the pathological disorder by Alternative Medical means (mostly ways which are born out of Oriental Medicine) by the Therapist, but the way just described is one that dares not to speak its name in the current scientific obsession to measure All and Everything to exactitude and to the point where we are all driven to the point of distraction and boredom. The spiritual and the higher cultivated centres in us all, do determine to a large extent the kind of pathologies, if any, that will manifest during our development – these, so important, are not taken into consideration by Orthodox Medicine.

By understanding the Keys given above, it will be perceived by the reader of this article that Alternative Medicine is a Masculine approach to the practice of Medicine, requiring a universal appraisal to the ailment in question and the taking into consideration of the long term effects of its treatment models.


Depending on the type of disorder the patient suffers, both Alternative and Orthodox Medicine have their place, and in 50% of instances an Orthodox approach is best, and in the other 50% of instances Alternative Medicine may be the better approach to employ altogether, meaning legitimacy of, and accepting the two sides to an issue without bias, this eclectic methodology.