LADIES - in addition to assisting pelvic alignment for back-pain relief, this Device when employed strengthens the pelvic floor as well. This process is advantageous to help allay many female lower body Conditions.






This simple Device, without moving parts, has been designed to obtain excellent results in re-aligning your pelvis.

If your pelvis is not aligned and stabilised you will suffer the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous’ back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains.

This PCR Device is geared to execute ‘Three Techniques’ all different, but they re-adjust the pelvis back to its proper angularity.

These ‘Three Techniques’ implemented by this PCR Device are easy to learn and only take seconds or minutes to execute.

Back-pain and other musculo-skeletal aches and pains are caused 95% of the time by an unstable pelvis, so commonplace.  When it is dislocated it loses its horizontality, and thus the spine is forced to suffer distortion, and also, the body has to sustain leg length discrepancy.

You now have a chance to correct the dislocation of your pelvis as many times as you so wish.

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  Instructions are sent with this Device and video footage may be accessed of the techniques involved.

Instructions as to usage are also indicated in the eBook 2nd addition that is accessible now.
ISBN 978-0-9549755-1-7


The eManual stands on its own in that it contains self-help techniques
to re-align your pelvis with or without the Device, though with the Device
there usually is more success.

The PCR Device is designed and developed by Alexander Barrie

and from an original idea conceived by Andrew Bialek of London,  England.

Made in England


The ‘Regulator Technique’ (The King of Pelvic Correction Techniques) works with the PCR Device thus: Lying down or sitting, with feet together (abutted) acting as a fulcrum and the knees placed such as to be against the outside of the PCR Device, the knees are brought with force against the rigid Sides/Blocks of the Device which counteracts that very force by its placing.

In this way, the sacro-iliac joints give-way fractionally as does the joint of the pubic bone. Cracking or clonking sounds you may hear are bony joints gladly re-articulating.

What happens now is that the specialised ligaments involved in the stabilisation of the pelvis, miraculously re-set themselves (similar computer re-booting), as they have previously been discombobulated and thus contributed to the cause of the dysfunctional pelvis at the outset.

The re-setting of the ligaments/sinews occurs immediately, and the whole pelvis re-aligns itself.  This is all performed in Part A of the ‘Regulator’.  (Imagine finding a thick elastic band in one of your drawers all curled-up; you stretch it, and it goes back into its original loop shape).  The mechanics of the ‘Regulator’ on the sinews causes similar actions of return.

In Part B of the ‘Regulator’, the knees are brought together and placed in the inside of the PCR Device with force against its Blocks/Inner Sides because you are pushing both knees apart – this force is now counteracted by the rigid inner ring of the Device.  Thus, the components of the pelvis are made to return to their original exactness.

The pelvis is now properly horizontal and its sacral component is vertical as it should be, and so the spine can sit vertically on this horizontal base – the pelvis.  Freedom from aches and pains may now be possible because pathological obliquity of the angle of the pelvis is now corrected. 

Obliquity of the angle of the pelvis spells dislocation, and this obliquity is common to all the different pathological modes a given pelvis will suffer.  It is also the factor that engenders your Leg Length Discrepancy common to all types of pelvic dislocation.

The muscles of the thighs are employed in the Pelvic Correction operation in that the Adductor Muscles (Adduction) and the Abductor Muscles (Abduction) become stronger and more flexible as a result.  The extra benefits these muscle groups enjoy, includes the strengthening of the Pelvic Floor and its structures.

Following Pelvic Correction, your legs should become equal in length, and therefore, if you have been fitted with shoe orthotics where one orthotic is at a greater height than its partner orthotic at the heel,  you must discard both, as the orthotic with the greater height is perpetuating your pelvic problem, and rendered pointless anyway, once the pelvis is aligned.  You have been wrongly advised as millions of people are about the need for orthotics – it is even questionable whether orthotics should support the arches of the feet, even if they are the same height.

Dear Alexander.
A very big ‘thank you’ for literally getting me back on my feet.
When I visited you some 18 months ago I had aching feet, knees, shoulders, neck, and hands.  As a result of this inflammation I could hardly walk more than 50 yards and had difficulty even getting out of a chair.  One specialist diagnosed arthritis and the use of drugs, and another that I needed orthotics as I had one leg shorter than the other.  Both failed to right matters.
Upon examination by you it was established that I had a badly twisted pelvis, not one leg shorter than the other. This was probably caused by years of playing sports such as squash and golf.  You advised that I would need to play a major part in my recovery as my pelvis would need to‘re-learn’ its correct position.  You were confident that within a year that I would be back playing racket sports and golf.
After regular treatment by you and by daily use of your Pelvic Corrector I was able to play racketball within 6 months and golf within 1 year.  The change in me is amazing as I had become depressed by inactivity.  Now I am back to being my normal optimistic and lively self.  As recommended by you I use the Corrector morning and evening and before and after any physical activity.  I shall continue to visit you each quarter to ensure all is well.
Thanks again for helping me to get my life back together.
Best regards
David Hawkins