Having to Return to this world containing the agony and the ecstasy, midway through the last century, and realising in his maturity, and in lucid moments, that he had been blessed with the inventive spark that many individuals aspire to possess, Alexander was able to cultivate many cosmic gifts. Of these, Medicine, Music, and Philosophy were the most important.


With the application of specific techniques executed by him within his occupation as a Physician of Alternative Medicine, led him to create the flourishing Pelvic Correction System that has, and is helping so many people, in all 'walks of life', to become pain-free or to enjoy much reduced pain at least, with regard to their backs, shoulders, neck, knees and ankles, but also with Pathological Conditions such as with headaches/migraine, and dyspepsia/digestive disorders.


He is the inventor of: The Pelvic Corrector Ring Device. Author; Musician/composer; Teacher of Oriental Disciplines. Shiatsu and Cranio-sacral Therapist; he has a son by his first marriage and lives with his present wife in the Harrow area. His Clinic is in The London Borough of Harrow as well.


Alexander Barrie
M.R.S.Soc., R.C.S.Ass., P.P.Prac., dip.M.S.Astrol.,