This technique is called the Regulator because when it is executed using The Pelvic Corrector Device, it regulates and re-aligns the pelvis. Your pelvis is the Foundation of your Skeletal Frame and it easily dislocates and causes terrible bony, muscular and structural torment and therefore anguish to your state of being.  The reasons why it dislocates, so commonplace, are explained in the author's eBook that maybe accessed on this Website.

It would be beneficial to take you through the progressive moves once again.  Each movement has to be articulated. The relevant moves must never run one into the other; there is a fractional momentary break between each movement.

The movements in part one of the Regulator Technique are: neutral position; twist position; arch position, and knee compression against the outsides of the Device at strength. The movements are added one onto the other.

In part two of the Regulator Technique exactly the same moves are made except that the last compressive movements are reversed - the knees are pushed outwards against the insides of the Device at strength.

Now let us proceed properly through the Regulator Technique. Place the Device between the knees:

Sitting on the very edge of a chair or a stool, hands on your knees in neutral position in part one of this technique, begin by twisting your torso around to the right if right-handed, and to the left if you are left-handed. One arm is placed against the small of the back or lumbar region and the other arm placed at the knees with its hand gripping the knee and used as a lever to assist the twisting process by helping to push the torso around to its maximum rotation, indeed until it hurts. It can take your breath away!

You are now ready to arch the torso by pushing your belly outwards letting head roll back but not pushing it backwards.

After this you may pull the knees together against the outside of the Device for at least four seconds saying to yourself slowly: 'squeeze - the - knees - at - strength'. Saying this slowly will cover about 3 to 4 seconds. You are performing this technique with the torso twisted and arched. Now you may carry-out exactly the same movements and timings, but you are doing so on the opposite side, and this whole movement is repeated yet again both sides. Twice each side in total.

For part two, feed both legs through the ring of the Device and cross your ankles to keep the legs steady.  Now proceed as before, as in part one of this Regulator Technique. Do everything as written above, except for the end bit of the compression, which, at the knees, push outwards against the insides of the Device with strength for at least four seconds. Thus, 'Part - the - knees - strength' saying this to yourself slowly. View video footage obtainable in the eBook accessible on this Website.

This technique should be executed at least three times a day and more if possible. It will counteract the body's muscular tendency to re-deform the pelvis. You are realigning the pelvis in order to reduce and eliminate pain and ache and many other pathological symptoms. In the morning do your first Pelvic Correction after your ablutions and then steadily throughout the day. If you can control the pelvis, you will reduce or eliminate neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle pain, foot and more. This is because a misaligned pelvis has a detrimental domino effect on all the joints above and below the belt.     


This technique employing the PC Device, also prepares the pelvic components to return back to their true angularity, and it works well with the ‘Regulator Technique’ if not synergistically.

  1. Lie down but face-upwards (supine) with knees bent and pointing to the ceiling – feet and legs slightly apart – about 3 inches ; pillow beneath your head
  2. Sit into the Ring of the Device with either one of the concave blocks beneath your lumbar or lower back, upon which the rocking movement takes place – to do all of this on the floor is truly more appropriate. You may have to move the Ring you are sitting-in upwards superiorly (towards your head) a little, to make it more comfortable at the lumbar region
  3. Rock the pelvis and the legs evenly from side to side at a comfortable speed – the speed of a ticking clock in fact for 5 minutes

You should feel the alternate penetration from the outer edges of the raised flat sided blocks of the PC Device into your hips on both sides – the more painful, the better!  You are stimulating particular Pressure Points (Gall Bladder 30), which operate as conduits directly to the Sciatic Nerve. Thus, the integrity of the pelvis’s components are favourably influenced by the stimulation of these Pressure Points, and so the integrity of the pelvis should be returned. You are also stimulating kidney pressure points most favourably at the lumbar area by placing them automatically over the concave pyramidal blocks as you rock from side to side.

Of course, you may rock over your fists as above, on either side of your buttocks if you do not possess a PC Device – only you would need very tough hands enduring 5 minutes, but it is possible.

With the Device on the floor you may use its raised Blocks as you would a Foot Roller.  In this case it is passive in that you depress your foot, one at a time, onto the Blocks to stimulate the physiological zones on the whole of the underneath of the foot – similar to receiving a Reflexology Treatment.  This operation on both feet is very favourable to the whole body and induces better circulation within the legs.


The wonderful workings of this simple technique must be adhered to by the letter. In this way, it  will deliver excellent results of alignment of pelvis and spine.

The Side to Side Whack Technique may be executed on the floor, on a single or on a double bed, or couch.  You may hold each of the sides of the bed/couch with your hands for stability. Thus, the shoulders are kept from lifting-up, because when executing this method, ideally the shoulders should remain down and flat.

If this technique is executed on the floor or on a double bed, your arms should be out outstretched to keep the shoulders stable.

Feed your legs through the Pelvic Corrector, and lifting your knees, cross the right leg over the  left leg raising both legs to a perpendicular, and the ring of the Device will fit snugly above the knees on the lower aspect of the thighs. The legs may now fold at the knees. Begin from any side. Whack the legs from one side over to the other side at a steady rhythm not too fast not too slow.  You may hear some clicking sound of the spine. This is very satisfactory.

Now you may cross the left leg over the right leg, and adjusting the Pelvic Corrector, repeat the process as described above.

Maintain the knees themselves bolt upright they point to the ceiling and do not let them collapse when contacting either side of the surface of the couch or bed or ground when working from side to side. The lower legs are naturally folded by virtue of their weight. View video footage in the eBook obtainable on this Website.

This technique should be executed at least three times a day and more if possible. It will counteract the body's muscular tendency to re-deform the pelvis. You are realigning the pelvis in order to reduce and eliminate pain and ache and many other pathological symptoms.

The reader may wish to employ The Regulator Technique also shown on Video Footage obtainable in the eBook, following the execution of The Side To Side Whack. Indeed, it is recommended to do this way of deploying each of these techniques. Thus, the reader/viewer may now enjoy the assurance of 'belt and braces', so to speak.

As to which technique is carried-out first, depends on the needs of the individual. Some people will find it easier to do the Whack first followed by The Regulator, and others will find it more beneficial to execute these techniques the other way round!

There is no special way of breathing when employing both techniques, such would be a distraction. Just allow the body itself to do what it wants to do breath-wise when performing the moves with these techniques.