The pelvis is the 'foundation of the skeletal frame' and should always be horizontal in its position in relation to the spine. The spine should always be vertical in its bodily location. A healthy aligned pelvis is always parallel to the horizon. This enables the spine itself to maintain its verticality as it sits on this horizontal base, the pelvis. The pelvis is the base upon which the spine rests and is serried into it.


Back-pain, both upper and lower, occurs when the pelvis's horizontality has been compromised by one of its sides descending either on its right or on its left forming an oblique angle. In this way, distortions of its bony segments begins and in particular the bony segments of the spine. This is because the spine is now sitting on an oblique angled pelvis and not a healthy horizontal one, and so the segments of the spine have to twist and to turn to accommodate this obliquity - curiously this unhappy occurrence is commonplace.


If 100 people are randomly checked, it will be discovered that 97 of them will have bony dislocations and especially so of their pelvises. Perhaps only 3 out of the 100 enjoy pelvic alignment and thus only they are freer from aches and pains and various other Complaints.




Imagine the human spine as a long immensely strong tensile steel coiled spring, and, which may be compressed inwards from both ends and then stretched outwards from both ends.


Imagine the same spinal spring, bent into the shape of a bow because its ends have been pushed downwards, then imagine the same spinal spring with its ends pushed upwards creating a bow shape in the opposite direction.


Imagine this same spinal spring with its ends twisted in opposite directions.


You will perceive now how remarkably flexible the whole spinal construct is in the five different ways it may be exercised and distorted and there are more ways as well to deform the spine.


What the PELVIC CORRECTOR does is to take advantage of this miraculous spinal flexibility by assisting execution of specific techniques that free-off the knots and the tangles of the vertebral joints of the spine as well as the re-aligning of them including the sacro-iliac pelvic joints. Thus the human spine and its pelvis both tend to re-organise themselves according to their original and perfect state.


It is the knots and the tangles and the disarticulations of the various joints that create the distortions and the dislocations of the spine and pelvis and which cause your acute and chronic pain that are corrected with the application of the PELVIC CORRECTOR. 



This pioneering Device - The Pelvic Corrector - was invented and developed by Physician of Natural Medicine and Back-pain Consultant: Alexander Barrie. Over many years he refined the Pelvic Corrector Device and also the techniques it executes to enable us to follow and to practice his objective and compassionate Work. Thus, we sufferers may now combat and be in control of this commonplace disorder that is at the very top of the list of human maladies.